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From the big box retailer at the mall to the coffee shop down the street, getting a routine tune-up for your car at a gas station or a comprehensive check-up for yourself at a doctor’s office, chances are wherever you go today you will encounter digital signage.

Our Digital signage solutions comprises from individual media players to complete solutions.

Digital Signage Wall (Small Scale)

Small Scale Solutions for Industrial & Commercial use

Small scale digital signage walls comes in various configurations which are 1x2, 2x1, 1x3, 3x1, 1x4, 4x1, 2x2.  These systems are usually required by home users, SMEs, Bank outlets, restaurants, retail outlets, hospitals etc for in-door mass advertisements. 

Digital Signage Wall (Large Scale)

Large Scale Video Wall solutions for high-end demanding applications

The large scale video wall usually have configuration above 2x2 and includes more then 4 screens. The Large scale video walls require higher performance media player and controller which can support more then 4 LCD screen at a time. Such systems usually require wireless / remote connectivity, advance content management features, and industrial grade LCD Solutions. These are enterprise grade solutions and are usually custom designed. 


Digital Posters

Standalone and networked advertisement stations for your event or retail

The smart designed LCD Digital Posters are designed for digital signage applications and replace traditional print medias such as billboards, posters and light boxes at very attractive conditions. The integrated solid-state media player handles virtually any multimedia format in brilliant full HD resolution. The media player works as a "plug and play" solution, but can also be combined with various digital signage applications to even more complex functions such as enabling network operation. Information, images, movies or multimedia applications can be presented audiovisually and can be comfortably managed by the digital signage software.


Digital Signage Controllers

The hardware required for content display and management on your advertisement platform

A digital signage player is a small footprint PC, which can be mounted behind a digital signage display or placed inside of a rack mount. Digital signage players include a variety of components which powers the digital signage displays, such as the CPU, the motherboard, RAM, storage, and the operating system. Like any computing device, the CPU will process and run the operating system.

Digital Signage Software

Content & Display Management Softwares for Digital Media Players

Powerful software to connect with your audience Display dynamic, targeted messages to increase sales, engage your audience and display important information in real time. The software runs on digital signage media player. 

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