Digital Signage Wall

Small Scale Solutions

Industrial grade / Rugged Solutions

Designed for harsh semi-outdoor environment

The industrial gade solutions are composed of LCD(s), media players, controllers and accesories from our principal ADVANTECH. These systems are specialy made on industrial grade production lines and are intended for long term 24/7 smooth operation.  These systems compes with extended period warranty. ADVANTECH offes turn key solutions and extensive after sales support is a key feature that comes with these systems

Commercial grade systems

Designed for indoor commercial use in protected safe environment

The commercial grade solutions comprises of digital signage LCDs from commerical LCD suppliers including LG and Samsung. These system are fancy and visually more appealing then industrial grade solutions. They are usually economical but are not intended for long term 24/7 use.  These systems are feature enriched and may or may not require any external media player or controller.

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