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Fleet / Vehicle Tracking & Fuel Theft Prevention System

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Fuel costs can account for one-third of all fleet operation costs. For fleet to be effective and achieve maximum profitability a continuous fuel monitoring and control solution is a must. ENTMAX fuel monitoring and control solution provides companies with detailed fuel information and enables them to control and optimize their fuel costs by controlling theft.

Fuel theft is a growing and pervasive problem worldwide and there are countless remedies that only reduce the risk and fails to be tailored for customers’ specific needs. Our telematics GPS tracking devices are specifically configured with the function and industry in mind for each machinery, equipment, or vehicle. 

The solution to prevent and stop fuel theft begins by tackling in-house fuel theft. The combination of our GPS devices and fuel-tracker will let you know the location of each refill and an estimate of how much was filled in the tank. 

Moreover, should your vehicle be directly siphoned, you can be immediately notified by email or text message (SMS) and sound off an audible alarm whenever unusual activity occurs.

Product Features


- Remote vehicle tracking & monitoring

- Automatic alert on fuel theft detection via SMS

- 3G Enabled GPRS/GSM Communication link 

- Remote Fuel consumption monitoring

- Automatic camera photo of theft events*

- Monitors accidental fuel drainage

- Centralized monitoring of entire fleet

- Applicable to various vehicle types including   
   Trucks, tractors, bulldozers, vans, trailers etc.

- Long-term durable solution

- Customized monitoring software**





It is widely used for remote fuel consumption monitoring and management, such as:

  • Logistics fleet

  • Truck Fleet

  • Buses

  • Wagons

  • Trailers

  • Tractors

  • Excavators

  • Cranes

  • Other Heavy Machines

  • Boat Fleet

  • Base station diesel generator

Product Benefits

  • Improves fleet efficiency & profitability

  • Promote green environment protection

  • Improve staff's satisfaction

  • Reduce management cost

  • Reduce maintenance cost

  • Reduce responsibilities and risks


Complete vehicle tracking + Fuel theft monitoring


Minimum modification to vehicle's electronics


Solution available for multi-tanks platforms


Centralized controller with built in navigation system via GPS Satellites


Easy sensor installation and calibration.


Monitoring software views...

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System Components

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